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Decoration is usually the last part for the creation of a new area, adding the final tone. This part is the most pleasant to everyone.

However when it comes to an existing area, a new, properly and in depth designed and structured decoration can breath new life into it and give it the desired style without necessarily requiring structural changes (which are time-consuming, costly and more difficult especially in the usual case when the tenants continue to live in it during the works).

Our office has long-standing experience on such cases. Works are performed on the basis of a study (so as to solve every tiny detail in advance and reduce the disturbance caused) and the clients' requirements. The final tone can vary from modern classic to sophisticated and modern depending on their desire.

Particularly, a correct and complete decoration study must include the following:

  • General and specific coloured perspective plans, on the basis of the selection of particular furniture, lights, objects etc., allowing better understanding of our proposals.
  • Presentation of colour combinations, with selection of every textile-leather that shall be used in the area, making sure that they can be harmoniously integrated in the area (sofas, armchairs, chairs, curtains etc.).
  • Colour combinations and painting types per area (i.e. special painting styles, potential covering of the walls with textiles-tapestries, paintings etc.).
  • Special lighting fixtures plans (i.e. wall sconces, roof lamps etc.) including their construction plans where necessary.
  • Plans of curtains, blinds, etc. for the external frames.
  • Market research in order to choose the furniture, objects, lighting fixtures, paintings, art objects, carpets for all the areas of your residence (interior and exterior).
  • Proposals in order to use and reconstruct any existing furniture (i.e. change of tapestries, colour combinations, damages repair etc.).
  • Installation of the furniture, art works, objects, carpets etc. at the position selected.
  • Selection of towels, sheets, bathroom accessories etc. combinations.
  • Art de la table proposals (selection of dishware and cutlery, table cloths and other objects complementing the desired ambiance).
  • Specific proposals, on the basis of the areas decoration as a whole, concerning the flowers/floral compositions and/or plants that should be installed to complete the picture.
  • Seasonal Decoration proposals (Christmas, Easter etc.)

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