Cadena Design Group

Cadena Design Group started in 1994 in Athens and became known for its quality work, starting from the inception of a project and reaching to its design, construction, and final details.

In the past years, our architects and decorators, beaming with creativity, talent, a sense of aesthetics and style, and always up-to-date with the latest trends, have made it possible for people to live in better houses.

The activities of the company are not only limited to house decorating, but also include interior decoration for restaurants, boats, stores, hospitals, offices, etc.

The end result of the company's work has always been a true team effort. Numerous associates, coming from various fields in the area of interior design, have contributed in order to achieve versatility for the various projects, while avoiding any fixed solutions and repetitive images.

Every project, from the most modern up to the most classical ones, is characterized by an identity that a keen eye can see even in completely opposite decorative applications.

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